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What is local SEO Castle Hill and why is it important? Not every company wants to target the whole of the world or even the whole of Australia. Local businesses and tradesmen all primary focus on the local customer and your SEO campaign should reflect that. Hiring a local SEO provider that knows your area is a good step towards getting positive results.

It is true that most SEO work can be done remotely, but hiring a professional that has intimate knowledge of your region means they are better able to target that region by using this knowledge. SEOcycle is a search engine optimisation business based in the Hills District of Sydney, which includes suburbs such as Castle Hill, Bella Vista, Baulkham Hills, Dural, and even as far north as Wisemans Ferry. Operating a local SEO company, such as SEOcycle, means we understand your potential market and are a step ahead to knowing what you should target and how it should be done.

We look at your potential market, identify the local opportunities and keywords, and tailor a campaign to put your site in front of a local audience and to create a strong presence online for your website and company. Creating your website was just the first step; getting it seen by the right audience is critical to utilise its power – and here at SEOcycle we can help.

Unfortunately, with websites it is not just a case of “build it and they will come”. For Google to know who to whom to show your website, you must know as well, and working with SEOcycle we help not only find out whom to target, but how to target and get your site ranking onto page one.

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The Advantages of Perth SEO

SEOcycle has helped many Perth-based businesses become successful online and rank highly for their chosen keyword targets. Perth is a city which, due to its geographical remoteness, has a unique set of challenges in regards to SEO


Perth is a large city with just over two million people, so is a sizable target in terms of potential user groups for any website. What makes Perth unique though is its geographical remoteness. Second only to Honolulu, it is one of the most isolated cities in the world, being over two thousand kilometres from Adelaide, its closest Australian city. It is actually closer to Dili in East Timor & Jakarta than the other major east coast Australian cities such as Sydney, Brisbane etc. It is this isolation that not only provides challenges to any SEO campaign but also opportunities you can exploit to get effective results online.

Perth’s isolation means the market is very compact in terms of search pattern, which is of particular interest to businesses who wish to target locally. Google likes to provide search results that are relevant to its user base and if possible list results for local services. Perth is like an island city in that it doesn’t blend borders with any surrounding region. The east coast of Australia, in comparison, has for the most part major cities and large sprawling regions with many micro cities close together, which means Google finds it harder to define definitive local lists. But how can this help with your SEO campaign?

Let’s say a user is searching for a painter in Perth. What this means is in Perth you can target longer geographical keywords such as “painters Perth” and once it ranks highly and your site has gained authority in the niche, the shorter tail keywords like “painter” & “painters” will also rank highly as there are no other geographical options available. In summary, you work at making your Perth-based locality strong in Google’s eyes and the rest falls into place.

Perth is an isolated city but it is this isolation that can be used in a positive way when targeting the city’s organic search volume.

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