SEO specialist Sydney


Google “SEO specialist Sydney” and you will see many companies who claim to be specialists and who say they offer the best service; how can you be sure? SEOcycle is a Sydney-based company that specialises in one thing, Search Engine Optimisation, with our aim being to deliver the very best possible service to our clients at an affordable price.

Our Holistic SEO Approach.

We take a holistic approach with all of our clients, with the first step being understanding the client’s goals and business aims. This is important as we need to work closely with our clients to determine that our SEO goals are the same as the theirs.

Too many SEO companies will ignore this important step, and try to dazzle prospective customers with high search volume keywords and promises of lots of traffic. In the unlikely event that they actually get top page ranking for those keywords, they are even more unlikely to convert anyway, as it is not targeted.

In addition to that, the rank will be short lived as Google would notice the low conversion/interaction of the visitors, and drop the ranks accordingly as not being of merit.

Research Is Key

When developing an online marketing plan, research is key, and at SEOcycle we offer a free website and keyword analysis to determine whether we can help the client, which is our ultimate aim. We give honest feedback as to a website’s prospect of ranking, whether goals are realistic, and, if SEO is warranted, we give estimated time frames for ranking to occur.

No Contract SEO

We work on a month to month basis, no contracts, so our customers know we are working hard each day to ensure they get the best possible results. Many SEO companies try and sign you up for a fixed contract deal of 6 – 12 months, and before signing such a contract, ask yourself this: “If they are so confident in their service, why the need for a lock in contract, when results should drive the ongoing commitment anyway?”

Weekly SEO Reports

Once we start work, we are in constant contact with our clients. We provide weekly reports, and are always available for a chat. Phone, email, or Skype with your own dedicated SEO manager, who works with you to achieve your goal and get great results. SEO is not just a matter of link building, it requires a comprehensive approach to promoting your website offsite while optimising the way it performs and looks to Google onsite. This is an ongoing process so you need a dedicated manager to be involved in this process the whole way.

So if you have just launched your website or feel you are not getting the level of service or results from your current SEO provider, contact us for a free keyword and website analysis today.