SEOcycle – Certified as Australian Owned

SEOcycle is immensely proud to be an Australian Company, providing professional, expert, affordable web design and search engine optimization services locally and overseas. We are delighted to have recently been awarded Australian Owned certification by the Australian Government.

What is Australian Owned Certification?

As Australians, 90% of us prefer to buy products that are designed and made in Australia and to support businesses which are Australian owned and operated.  This directly benefits our local economy and provides added benefit to Australian consumers, including:

  • Simpler deliverability
  • Better customer service
  • Sustainability
  • Building local enterprise

Australian Owned certification was established by the Australian government in 2020. The initiative was created in response to the COVID-19 global health crisis to help support local businesses, strengthen local communities, and underpin the local economy. Its benefits are projected to expand into the future and in the post-COVID world.

There are three main criteria required for a business to qualify for Australian Owned certification:

  1. The company must have a minimum of 80% Australian ownership.
  • The company must be Australian for taxation purposes and pay tax within Australia.
  • The company must keep all profits within Australia.

What Does our 2-Star Rating Mean?

SEOcycle has been certified with a 2-star Australian Owned rating.

  • SEOcycle is 100% Australian owned by Australian-born citizens.
  • Founded in 2012, SEOcycle is 100% Australian for all tax purposes.
  • All our profits are kept in Australia.
  • Our management team and all of our front-end services are 100% Australian, based out of our office in Northwest Sydney.

You may be wondering why we were not awarded a 3-star (the highest) rating. This is simply because, at SEOcycle, we also employ an international worker base for some of our backend services. These international resources are located in Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. Employing some international workers enables us to deliver the cost-effective, premium, and expert services that both our Australian and international clients seek and deserve.

Most SEO and web development companies in Australia and worldwide use international resources to deliver at least some of their services. This is the only way prices remain competitive across the industry. All of our workers at SEOcycle are valuable employees and are expert professionals in their respective fields.

Choose SEOcycle

As a client of SEOcycle, every single interaction you have is with our local Australian management team. Unlike a lot of other digital agencies, you will always deal directly with the same person, and we take complete ownership of your campaign with transparency and integrity.

Our head writer/editor is a co-owner at SEOcycle and is Australian-born. All website content, onsite blogging, and front-end content writing is written/edited by our head writer.

Whether you require our services for web development, content writing, ghost blogging, social media management for SEO, or you seek an affordable SEO provider, look no further than SEOcycle.

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