Social Media – Its Importance During COVID-19

Businesses of every kind are being affected like never before in light of the current COVID-19 situation. While some businesses will prosper as a result of this sudden change in worldwide circumstances, more will experience at least some level of a downturn. Yet this is not the time to drop the ball on all of your marketing, including your SEO efforts and blogging.

Social media marketing for your business has never been more crucial.

Why is Social Media Marketing So Important?

Many businesses will be well served to find new ways to operate online at this time. Others, even if they are “hibernating”, will need to maintain an online presence for the time we emerge at the other side of COVID-19 so that their business can rebuild as quickly as possible.

Social media is the simplest and most cost-effective way to communicate with consumers. It is instantaneous, conversational, and fosters connection – which we all crave right now.

By embracing social media for your brand or business, you can keep your clients, customers, and stakeholders informed, and maintain your presence in their minds. This way, even if they are not spending money right now (and many will be continuing to regardless of the current situation), you will be poised to reap the rewards when the economy bursts forth after the 2020 pandemic has run its course.


  1. Every single business should have a pinned post on their Facebook page at this time. This should acknowledge the COVID-19 Pandemic and state where your business is at in response to this.
  • Stipulate whether you are still open, operating online, in a limited capacity, or on hold.
  • Reassure your audience that you will be back to business as usual in future if you are not currently operating as such.
  • Provide engaging and fun content. This may be in the form of videos, blog content, and shareable content to facilitate lead generation via social media.
  • Link to your website. Encourage online purchases and offer incentives for shopping.
  • Maintain a regular presence – ramp up your social media activity. Most people are at home and spending unprecedented amounts of time online. Take advantage of this captive audience.
  • Each out via social and create conversations – make your profiles a hub for connection.
  • Be honest, empathetic and transparent.
  • Maintain your brand identity across all posts

Now is the time to reassure your audience, look towards the future, and provide a place for your target audience to come together for positive connection.

Social media is set to experience a dramatic spike over the coming weeks and months. Don’t risk missing out – because your competitors may well be taking advantage of this opportunity.

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