Copywriting & Blogging

An important role for an SEO company is the provision of content writing particular to the client’s business. We are proud to offer this service as part of our integrated approach to SEO, as a full-service, economical SEO provider.

We have our own dedicated, in-house copywriters who deliver premium content as per briefs, and the following services are offered where applicable:

•    Website Content
•    SEO articles
•    Blog articles
•    Press Releases
•    Professional Editing and Proofreading of Website Copy.

Our writers are in-house  with a very high level of skill and expertise in writing on a plethora of topics. Our lead copywriters are highly skilled in researching, writing for a range of target audiences, and have formal qualification in professional editing and proofreading.
As an SEO provider, our writers are expert in writing that is targeted and specific to website content, as opposed to simply writing for other mediums.