2021 Google Algorithm Change – What Does it Mean for You?

Happy New Year!

How is your website ranking in Google Search Results?

Is your website SEO-optimised?

Are you prepared for the changes that are coming to the Google algorithm in 2021?

Even if your website is ranking well as we move into 2021, you need to be aware that, as frequently happens, the Google algorithm is being altered. You need to understand what this means for your website – and more importantly, what you can do to overcome any challenges this presents and succeed – and enlisting the services of a leading SEO consultant in Sydney is the ideal first step.

SEO and the Google Algorithm

The Google algorithm assesses and ranks pages on the web. There is so much information on the internet, and this volume of data is growing exponentially. The algorithms which Google and other search engines use to sort through these hundreds of billions of pages on the web find and deliver the most relevant search results in a matter of seconds and this helps internet users quickly find what they are looking for.

The way Google ranks the relevance of a web page to a specific search is via a series of complex algorithms. These algorithms consider keywords, page relevance, page usability, content quality, source expertise, website location, and other variables.

Google regularly modifies its algorithm – and it is the role of SEO experts to remain abreast of these changes and tweak search engine optimization campaigns to comply with these changes. Without these ongoing actions, a website’s rank will slip. This is part of the reason why SEO is an ongoing endeavour rather than a “set-and-forget” exercise.

The Changes for 2021

In May 2019, Google announced upcoming changes to its ranking indicators for web pages. The update, due to be implemented from the beginning of 2021, will focus on page experience – the engagement a user has with a web page.

If Google determines that, in its opinion, a website offers a poor on-page user experience, it will not rank that page – even if that page has been highly ranked to date. A positive on-page user experience will automatically improve search engine result rankings and help a website move closer to page one.

Google Page Experience Explained

Page experience is defined by Google as a set of signals which measure the user’s interaction with the page beyond its value in terms of providing information. These signals (or Core Web Vitals) include:

  • The page’s loading performance (LCP or Largest Contentful Paint).
  • The interactivity of the page (FID or First Input Delay).
  • The page’s visual stability (CLS or Cumulative Layout Shift).

The ranking signals will also incorporate mobile optimization, browsing security, HTTPS, and other guidelines.

These changes have been implemented due to the preference of internet users for websites which deliver a great on-page experience.

Content is Key

Further to the abovementioned signals, the major Google algorithm modifications due in 2021 will put even more focus on the content of a website. High-quality, high-value content will be emphasized and as such, all content on a website must be relevant, well-written, and SEO-optimised.

Web Redesign and SEO for 2021

The right SEO agency in Sydney has the insight and technical skill to help you navigate these algorithmic changes and succeed online in 2021 and beyond.

To optimize your website for Google Page Experience:

  • Understand (or hire an SEO provider who understands) the different tools available to measure and report on the Core Web Vitals.
  • Ensure your website offers a safe browsing experience.
  • Ensure your site is mobile optimized for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Implement site security with HTTPS
  • Do not allow any interstitial pages or pop-ups to compromise the accessibility of your web pages.

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