Blog SEO – Why it’s Important – Plus Some Tips!

From small businesses and sole traders to large companies, every business with an online presence should be doing Blog SEO. And every business should have an online presence!

We’ve published several blog articles in the past about blogging for business and why it’s so important for your online visibility, brand identity and reputation, customer engagement, and other ways it can benefit your enterprise.

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Getting the Most SEO Impact from your Blog

Creating a website and launching it is just the first step in your website’s evolution. To be a success, it must rank highly in its respective niche, and a great way to help your website achieve this is by having an onsite blog.

A blog is a great way to add content, keep your visitors informed, and also shows Google that your site is active and providing new experiences and information to your viewers – helping push your site up the ranks. Below are a few tips for setting up your blog and how to get the best results from it…

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The Importance of Content Writing in SEO

One of the most important aspects of successful SEO is having a content-rich website. Any reputable SEO expert in Sydney or anywhere else will tell you that overall, SEO is a complex puzzle with many pieces, but a successful SEO strategy begins and ends with quality content writing that is specific to your brand and your niche.

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ai detector

AI-Generated Content – Why it is NOT the Answer

There has been an enormous amount of buzz recently about the potential of using AI to create written content. From businesses needing website content to students crafting written assessments to aspiring authors even publishing entire novels created by AI, people all over the world are discovering the “easy way” to deliver written copy or other content with minimal (if any) effort, in the shortest space of time – and even for free in many cases.

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