Choosing the right SEO Company


Website owners often come to us with a ‘simple’ request: “I want to be number one on Google” – without really knowing what they are asking and what it entails. Being listed highly in Google should be any website owner’s goal, but it’s not simply a job of launching a website and waiting for Google to thrust it into the spotlight. For a website to be successful, it must be optimised to what Google is looking for and this is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Companies can help. But how do you find a good company and what should you look for?

A quick search will find a myriad of companies, all claiming to be the best and guaranteeing your site to rank; but once you cut through the hype there are a few things you should look for so you’re adding value to your business and not just a liability.

1/ They should take the time to understand your business.
SEO is a long term strategy and should be integrated within your overall marketing plans and goals. When an initial analysis is done, the SEO company should take time to understand your business and goals, and tailor a solution for you; be wary of companies that sell linking strategies with set number of links each month etc. This is a good indication they have a cookie cutter approach to SEO and haven’t really taken the time to understand your individual needs.

2/ Constant feedback and reporting.
The SEO company should be viewed as one of your team, and like all members of a company, be approachable at all times. SEO should not be a set and forget type of arrangement, and your chosen SEO agency should be available for feedback and advice as part of the service they offer. It is estimated Google will make around 300 updates to its algorithm this year alone, so your chosen SEO provider should be keeping you in the loop on these changes and actions that you as a site owner may need to undertake to take advantage of them.

3/ No lock-in contracts.
Be wary of companies that require you to pay money up front for extended contracts. Instead, favour companies that work on a month to month basis in terms of payment, as they will constantly be proving their value to you. A company that asked for payment up front for 6 -12 months in advance is more likely to be more interested in their bank balance rather than your SEO results. A company should have enough confidence in their ability to work for a monthly fee, knowing at the end of that month their value has been proven and you will continue the employment arrangement.

At SEOcycle, we like to think we tick all the above boxes. If you’re just launching a new website, or are not happy with you current SEO provider, contact us today for a free assessment and analysis.