Does Your Website Need a Spring Clean?

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Spring has finally sprung in the Southern Hemisphere, and we could not be happier to welcome warmer, longer days and balmy breezes. The air is fresh and it’s the time of year when it feels like everything – including us – comes to life again.

It’s also very true that we’re collectively hoping for the unprecedented challenges of 2020 to alleviate somewhat over the coming months.

While you are no doubt feeling inspired to spring clean your home, have you considered your business? More specifically, does your website need a spring clean?

The Role of your Website

More than ever before, businesses are moving to an online model of operating:

  • to generate leads
  • to attract new customers
  • to engage with their target audience
  • to inform and excite
  • to encourage sales and bookings

Thanks to the COVID-19 situation – and even if you’ve never had an online presence before – if you don’t have a website your business may as well be invisible. 

Your website is also the first point of contact (and the first impression) many consumers and potential B2B clients will have with your business. When you invest in appealing and effective web design alongside powerful well-crafted content, your website will communicate your brand identity. It works to compel your target audience to explore your site, to remember you, to follow you on social media, and to ultimately transform into paying customers for your business.  

Did you know?  

75% of all consumers judge a business’s credibility based on the design of its website.

Web development, content, and design together determine whether you will be highly visible in search engine results – meaning that you need a versatile site that not only looks appealing but is also optimised for mobile and will be noticed by Google and other search engines for all the right reasons.

Spring Clean your Site Now

Three major reasons to refresh your web presence now are:

  1. Enhance and guarantee your online visibility as we emerge from the worst of the pandemic into the new way of doing business for the foreseeable future.
  • Boost sales and bookings as we come into what is traditionally the busiest time of year for many businesses.
  • Maintain and grow your business in a more competitive online marketplace.

Whether you are a sole trader, a small- or medium-sized business, or a large company, your website is your gateway to greater visibility and more sales. It’s the most important tool you have in your marketing arsenal to establish your brand identity, showcase your products and services, retain loyal clients and attract new customers.

Your website also needs to be fresh and dynamic so that it can evolve along with changes to your business and industry trends.

Spring Clean your Website:

  • If it appears outdated or stale
  • If you’ve altered your branding
  • If you don’t have fresh content
  • If you seek to add landing pages
  • If navigating your site is complicated
  • If you’re optimising for SEO for the first time
  • If it is clunky or loads slowly
  • If it is not mobile-optimised
  • If you have a high bounce rate

To make a positive change, take the next step for your business, and compete in an exceedingly online marketplace, refresh your existing website.

If you don’t yet have a website, what are you waiting for?!

SEOcycle – Superior for Web Design and Development

At SEOcycle, we offer web development to deliver a fully-functioning website that you own.

We differ from almost all other web developers:

  • We have no ongoing or hidden fees.
  • We are SEO experts. This means that we custom design our websites with consideration of search engine optimisation processes. Even if you do not actively implement SEO for your business, your site is optimised for targeting at a later time. 
  • We have a visionary approach to web redesign and development to ultimately generate leads to attract the right audience to your business.
  • Your website can be simple or complex as required to achieve your goals online.
  • We have a professional in-house content writer (Australian-born and English as her first language) with the experience and skill to work with you to create premium written content for your site. (You may also elect to provide your content).

The websites we create establish your professional, brand-specific, targeted online presence, no matter what your industry or niche.  Choose SEOcycle to attract the right customers so that your business can succeed.

Contact us via our website  or call Rod today on (02) 9481 7065 to discuss your needs.