SEO Trends to Watch in 2022

SEO is a constantly evolving endeavour and an intrinsic part of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy.  This is why it’s so important to partner with an expert SEO company to ensure you get it right with a focused, ongoing onsite and offsite SEO campaign.

SEO is much more than marketing and advertising. It is time-consuming, complex, painstaking work requiring a dedicated approach and niche expertise to do it right. It considers and accounts for current trends and the “games” Google plays with its algorithm.

Why SEO is a Marathon – NOT a Sprint

It’s more difficult than it used to be to organically rank on search engines – even though organic ranking is always going to be a very powerful way for businesses to thrive and grow. Google alters its ranking algorithm frequently – and this renders many of the prior efforts of SEO professionals outdated once the new ranking factors are introduced. An expert SEO professional is resilient, has unique industry insight, and remains abreast of these algorithmic changes, tweaking existing campaign strategies to meet and overcome these challenges.

SEO Trends for 2022

What can we expect 2022 to bring in terms of SEO trends?

Seven trends that are predicted to impact your SEO strategy in 2022 include:

  1. Mobile Accessibility

By 2025, it’s predicted that almost 75% of all internet searches will be conducted via a mobile device. All websites must be optimized to work across a comprehensive array of mobile devices (for both Android and iOS) as well as for desktop.

  • Content is King

Quality written content is essential to favourable SEO results and ranking highly on search engine results pages. Onsite content must be:

  • Unique and not duplicated in any way
  • Relevant to the product/service
  • Relevant to the target audience
  • Well-written and edited
  • Incorporate focus keywords in a natural way
  • Include ALT and Title Tags on all Images

Google requires at least 300-350 words of high-quality textual content on the Home page and Landing Pages to recognize and rank those pages. Keyword density must be optimized without stuffing. Relevant internal links are important for ranking, while high-authority and relevant external links where suitable (e.g. in onsite blog articles) are valuable, powerful ranking indicators.

  • On-Page Experience

As important as keyword optimization and link building are (and will remain) to SEO, Page Experience is a growing ranking factor. This refers to signals that measure the user experience on a website. It includes everything from loading performance (Largest Contentful Paint or LCP); interactivity (FID); visual stability (Cumulative Layout Shift or CLS); to the use of the HTTPS protocol, mobile-friendliness, and more.

  • Video Marketing

Video is becoming ever more important to SEO. From videos created as part of social media marketing strategies to YouTube content (and with more than one billion users, you can’t afford to ignore the potential of YouTube of your brand and business offering are conducive to it), video is a powerful resource and tool for SEO.

  • Intent Optimisation

Gone are the days when SEO simply focused on primary keywords alone. Secondary keywords are also important; they are used by Google to harness searcher intent and analyse the wider context of an online query. Search results are more focused and relevant to the information provided.

  • Social Listening

Successful brands have a social media presence that meets the needs and desires of their target audiences. Social listening is important to overall SEO results and relevant social posting and interaction is a ranking factor.

  • Online Shopping

Online shopping has exploded in popularity, thanks in no small part to the COVID-19 crisis. Google’s Shopping Search Engine is more popular than ever and the search engine is investing more time and energy into it. This means brands with eCommerce sites can improve their SEO results by linking loyalty programs to user accounts and availing of other features.

Choose SEOcycle in 2022

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