website deisgns

Is your website delivering on its promise? Is it working for you?

According to market research, 75% of all consumers admit to judging the credibility of a business first and foremost based on the design of its website.

Your website is the digital face of your brand and your business – it’s often the first point of contact, and the first impression, a consumer, who is a potential customer, will have with your business. Through effective web design and the right content, it needs to convey your brand identity and captivate your target audience so that they will stay on your page and explore your site. Ideally, they will convert, purchase, and, become organic lead generators for your company.

Your website is also the tool by which it will itself be made highly visible in search engine results. This happens when your website is properly designed to be search-engine optimised. 

With premium web design and web development, with SEO taken into consideration from the outset, your business will not only be optimally branded, professional, and appealing online, it will also attract the right audience, and this will, help your business to grow and ultimately succeed.

Do You Need to Redesign Your Website?

Your website is your gateway to new leads and more sales. This is true regardless of whether or not you are a small business selling locally or a large enterprise marketing globally. It is the most important tool you have to establish your brand identity, showcase your products/services, and generate new leads.

Your website needs to be fresh, dynamic and SEO-optimised. It needs to work perfectly across both desktop and an array of digital devices.

Your website needs to constantly evolve to meet challenges and the evolution of industry trends.

You may need a website revamp if:

  • Your site’s appearance is stale, clunky, or old-fashioned
  • You have changed your branding
  • You have little text content
  • You wish to add landing pages
  • You are implementing SEO for the first time
  • Your site loads slowly
  • Your site is not optimised for mobile
  • Your bounce rate is high
  • Your site’s navigation is complex
  • Your competitors have recently redesigned their own sites
  • You feel it’s time for a positive change for the next chapter for your business

Why Choose SEOCycle for Web Design and Development?

Our web development offer is the complete package and we deliver a fully-functioning website that you own. Unlike most other web developers, we have no ongoing hidden fees or gimmicks. Additionally, we are SEO experts – we specifically design our websites with search engine optimisation processes in mind – even if you are not yet inclined to implement SEO for your business. 

Our innovative approach to web redesign and development harnesses the power of the internet to generate leads to attract the right audience to your business, delivering a very appealing website to your target audience. We also have professional, experienced content writers who can work with you do create premium content for your site if you so wish. Your website can be simple or complex– you decide what is right for your business to achieve its online goals.

Email us on or call Rod today on (02) 9481 7065 to discuss your needs.