What’s Involved in an SEO Audit?


SEOcycle is committed to delivering transparent, high-quality, affordable services with integrity and which suit the needs of each of our clients. These include SEO services and website audits.

The form and scope of these audits vary depending on our client’s unique needs.

Some businesses come to us seeking a site audit as a standalone service – not necessarily looking to embark on an SEO campaign, but rather with the specific goal of wishing to optimise their new or existing website or better understand how they are placed for organic visibility online.

Just as every client and their business is different, every audit is different.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit analyses and evaluates the optimisation of a website for search engines. It takes a deep dive into your website to understand and assess those factors that impact your ability to rank highly for organic searches on search engine results pages (SERPs).

It considers:

  • On-page elements you can control quite easily (e.g., keyword research, contextual content, internal linking, sitemaps, and more).
  • Off-page elements that you can’t control but can influence (e.g., backlinks).
  • Technical SEO, which can be very complex (including elements from page speed to site security and mobile optimisation, competitor analysis, indexation and crawlability, and more).

An SEO audit should be carried out in advance of issues arising – and having an SEO audit is recommended whenever you:

  • Are designing/developing/launching a new website
  • Are significantly updating an existing website
  • Are embarking on a new SEO campaign
  • Are assessing an ongoing SEO campaign (e.g., after several months or a year)
  • To understand why your ranks on search engine results pages have significantly dropped
  • The ranking algorithm has undergone a significant update
  • You want to ramp up your search engine results page position

What’s Involved in a Site Audit at SEOcycle?

There are several aspects to a comprehensive Website Audit at SEOcycle – the scope of which is intended to ensure that your new or existing website is fully optimised towards its intended keyword targets before launch or going forward.

These include:

  • An Overview of your site – including its current domain rating, page rating, numbers of backlinks and referring domains, and its indexation across several search engines.
  • Search Term suggestions/recommendations – general, location-specific, company-based, and more specific terms.
  • Specific onsite Optimisation recommendations – these are very detailed and include recommendations relating to URLs, meta titles and descriptions, header tags, navigation, responsive design, page load time, onsite blog, content optimisation, canonicalization, 404-error pages, 301-redirects, links, image tags, HTML sitemap, XML sitemap, local listings, analytics tools, browser compatibility, social presence and accessibility, page design and visuals, hosting, security, and more.

Sound complicated? It is!

While there are plenty of articles to be found online offering “How-To” and DIY advice, only a professional, experienced, and dedicated SEO provider has the niche expertise and insight to dispense a truly comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-date SEO audit. These professionals are also uniquely placed to, should you decide to participate in an ongoing SEO campaign, not just deliver on your onsite aspects of SEO, but also the all-important offsite and technical activities that inform so much of the success of an SEO strategy.

SEOcycle delivers all these aspects of search engine optimisation.

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Whether you are looking for an expert SEO provider to conduct a comprehensive SEO campaign, web design and development services to help improve and optimise your online presence, content writing or ghost blogging services for engaging, dynamic content that ranks, or an SEO audit to understand the current position of your website in search engine results pages and its potential, SEOcycle is here to help.

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