15 SEO Statistics – 2022’s State of Play


Are you wondering about the benefits of SEO for your business?

Is it worth paying a professional SEO expert for a comprehensive SEO campaign – or can you just do it yourself?

Do you REALLY need SEO – or will paid ads and other channels do the trick?

Search engine optimisation, done properly, can drive your ROI more than any other marketing strategy. Understanding how people search online, how websites get ranked in search engine results pages, and other SEO statistics is an important place to start when deciding what role Search engine optimisation is going to play in the future of your business.

Here are just a small number of general SEO 2022 statistics to consider…

Did You Know?

  • Google owns almost 92% of the search engine market share[1]. The top result in Google receives 32% of all clicks.[2]
  • In 2020, there were 81,000 Google searches performed per second.[3]
  • Almost 93% of global online traffic is exclusive to Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Images.[4]
  • More than 90% of all web pages online receive no organic search traffic from Google at all.[5]
  • Organic online searches drive more than 50% of all web traffic.[6]
  • B2B companies generate double the amount of revenue from organic search than they do by any other means.[7]
  • The business value of a blog visit can increase by 429% when the blog is engaging, relevant to users, and SEO-optimised.[9]
  • Businesses and brands that blog consistently on their website receive 97% more backlinks than brands that do not.[10]
  • The more backlinks a web page has pointing to it, the higher it will appear in search engine results pages and the more organic traffic it will receive[11] – yet more than 66% of internet pages have no backlinks.[12]
  • SEO-based organic traffic outnumbers social media-driven organic traffic by 1000%.[13]
  • In terms of local Search engine optimisation, almost a third of mobile searches are location-specific[14] and 45% of global shoppers ultimately buy online and pick up in the store.[15] A local search will elicit a purchase almost 30% of the time[16].
  • Almost 60% of Google searches are conducted via a mobile device[17], and more than 50% of smartphone users have used mobile search to discover a new product or brand.[18]
  • 61% of marketers report that their top priority is building their organic presence through SEO.[19] Almost half of all digital marketers report that the ROI of organic search is greater than that of any other channel.[20]
  • 86% of internet users ignore banner ads – instead favouring organic search results for clickthrough.[21]

2023 – Looking Ahead

Soon we will look ahead to 2023 and the trends forecast in terms of SEO and SEO-optimised web design.

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