Blogging: How to Enhance your SEO Efforts

As any SEO expert will attest, part of a great, SEO-optimised website is having a blog. This is a method of content marketing that, when written in a clever way to incorporate your focus keywords, provides the dynamic content Google and other search engines seek to rank your site highly.

The other major benefit of having an active blog with original content on your website is to cement your authority in your industry and your niche. It helps you to share your expertise to gain the trust and interest of your customers and potential new leads. A great blog is ideal for sharing on your social media, and when it has captivating, engaging content, it will be shared on by others on social media. This increases exposure for your brand and your business, encouraging and delivering new visitors to your website and generating relevant leads.

Why Have a Blog?

  • A blog keeps your site dynamic and fresh
  • A blog encourages visitors to your site to stay longer
  • A well-written, interesting blog is highly shareable
  • A blog is a great way to effectively target long-tail keywords
  • A blog allows for internal linking back to your website
  • Quality blogs encourage other sites to back-link to your site
  • A blog demonstrates your expertise within your niche
  • Your blog enhances your connection with your target audience
  • An SEO-optimised blog enhances your search engine rankings

Here at SEO Cycle, we offer a high-quality blogging service. If you don’t have time to write your own blogs, we can provide these as part of your SEO package or as a standalone service. We provide unique, quality blog content on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis, or on a schedule that suits you. The blogs we provide aim to be interesting, informative, specific to your niche and are ideal for social sharing to help in lead generation as well as being SEO-optimised for your site. Contact us today to discuss economical SEO in Australia and how we can help you with blogging for the growth of your business.