COVID 19 – A Word from SEOcycle

There is no doubt that this is a very challenging time worldwide for all of us in light of the current COVID-19 crisis and all of its implications. As much as we are collectively concerned for the health and wellbeing of ourselves, our families, and our friends, there are far-reaching consequences on a wider scale.

This is a challenging time to be in business, particularly if you operate a small or medium-sized business. But for anyone operating a business, this also presents a unique opportunity – and this may be a “silver lining” of sorts in an otherwise extremely difficult situation.

Embrace Opportunity

During this time of worldwide uncertainty, people everywhere will be hunkering down, spending more time in isolation, and turning to the internet and social media like never before to access information and seek the products and services they need.

By ensuring your own business has a strong online presence, you can take advantage of this opportunity and ensure that your potential customers (and other consumers) are aware of your brand and business – even if they are not leaving their homes.

People still require essential services; seeking plumbers, electricians, booking appointments, planning renovations, buying the items they need or want to make them feel better. Not to mention planning for the future – travel, activities, events, and more.  You will want to have your place in the market cemented in the minds of consumers for the time to come when this current situation has passed.

To maintain a strong online presence, it’s important to ensure you have an appealing, SEO-optimised website and that you engage via the social media platforms people use every day. They are guaranteed to use these even more so over the coming weeks and months. It’s a great opportunity to not only show that you are still here, but to also be discovered by a new and somewhat captive audience.


  • Explore new ways to deliver your service, communicating and conducting business online.
  • Can you transform your business model to an online offering?
  • Could your website benefit from a revamp – via simple changes to web design or complete web development from scratch?
  • How can you harness social media to convey your brand?
  • How can you provide services that are bespoke to this current situation?

Consider how you can turn this time of crisis into an opportunity – to provide what your customers seek and to strengthen your online presence for success after this period has passed.

For us here at SEOcycle, we anticipate (and hope) that this period will be business as usual. We have been proactive, and all of our staff are now working from home.

As we navigate this period together, stay safe.

Be well.

Keep calm and carry on as much as possible.

 “Every storm runs out of rain” – Maya Angelou

We will get through this.

Rod and Alana


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