Webmaster Tools : Google Notifications

Google webmaster tools offers a great snapshot of how Google sees your site, which is essential information for the success of you online assets.

When you first log into webmaster tools, you see the obvious dashboard and stats about your site. Yet there are some important features hidden within the left hand menu that you should understand and use. Below is a selection of the important ones that should be checked constantly. Continue reading “Webmaster Tools : Google Notifications”

Webmaster Tools: Search Analytics Explained.

Google Webmaster Tools is an invaluable tool for any website owner. It provides you with information about how Google sees your site, highlights if Google has any issues that might affect its online visibility within its database, and gives you critical data about how your site is being visited and how it is performing.

An important part of this is the Search Analytics section, which while at first glance may look confusing, is actually easy to setup and understand… Continue reading “Webmaster Tools: Search Analytics Explained.”

Need a Website? What should your First Step Be?

Website design is a many step process, but what should the first step be? Like all things in business it’s about knowing exactly what is needed and focusing on that before you even consider creating a site.

When thinking about launching a website, like launching a new business, you first need to understand your target audience. It is important to understand not only what the purpose of the site will be, but also who your intended audience is. Getting this information before you even consider the site itself is imperative to not only save time but also money.

So how do you do it? Continue reading “Need a Website? What should your First Step Be?”