Image Optimisation

7 Tips for Enhancing SEO Impact Through Image Optimisation

From using the right keywords to writing catchy meta descriptions, optimising your content for search engines requires several strategies. But did you know Google considers more than 200 factors when determining website ranks for their first page?

And SEO-optimised images are a big part of the overall ranking structure.

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Digital trends

Current SEO Trends – What You Should Know Now

Are you availing all of your opportunities to succeed online with SEO?

Business success requires a cornucopia of considerations, and search engine optimization is an intrinsic piece of the puzzle.

“Organic search” refers to unpaid search engine results page listings. Unlike the top three or four paid search engine results, organic listings are based on factors that the search engine algorithm deems relevant to the user’s search terms, based on incoming links, domain authority, and SEO efforts on the part of relevant websites to said searches.

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SEO Secrets – Local SEO

WWW stands for the World Wide Web, but that doesn’t mean that if you are a supplier of local services you still cannot get great value from your website. The secret is using local SEO practices to determine your proposed market, and, if it is supplying local services, optimise your web presence accordingly. It would be a waste of time and money getting a national presence when all of your clients are local. Save time and money and generate a targeted audience for your website by optimising it correctly.

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