What Makes a Great Tradie Website?


Being online and having a website might not be top-of-mind for many tradies, especially if you’re a sole trader. It’s something, however, that you can’t ignore!

A well-designed website, especially one that’s mobile and SEO-optimised (even if you aren’t doing a targeted SEO campaign) is really important if you want your customers and new prospects to find you. It’s like having a listing in the Yellow Pages used to be – you need to be there and looking great if you want to compete in your industry and succeed.

It’s not just about having a website either – your site must be designed to suit the unique needs of tradies and the people who are looking for the specific services you offer.

The Importance of Your Tradie Website

From a captivating first impression to a fabulous overall user experience, you need to ensure your website gives your customer or prospect an immediate, positive impression of you and your business.

Credibility is essential – it can make your business, and lack thereof can break it. Your website showcases who you are and what you do, and highlights that you are skilled, reliable, professional, and the right person for the job. You can also share a portfolio of your work, your certifications, and customer/client testimonials, as well as your hours of availability and the areas you service.

Things to Consider

  • Clean, fresh, and modern design helps showcase the fact that you are professional and that you take your business seriously. It also captures attention and makes a great first impression in just a second or two.
  • User experience is about much more than just the appearance of your website. It involves page speed, loading time, navigation ease, and mobile responsiveness, and provides a quick and effective solution right at the time visitors are seeking help.
  • The right written content is key, and pretty images are not enough on their own. Text (and even video content) informs and educates your audience, demonstrating your expertise and providing value for your clients. This also helps to better engage visitors on your site, keeping them on your page and improving the likelihood they will convert – i.e. hire you!
  • You need to have your website designed and developed with search engine optimisation processes in mind. This includes optimising the abovementioned features as well as the right kind and volume of written content. It needs to include focus keywords (meta tags) for the Google algorithm to be able to identify and rank your website. Remember – you are competing with a lot of other tradies who offer the same services you do. You need to stand out for all the right reasons!
  • You should also consider local SEO so that people in your area will easily find you.

WordPress Websites – Why They Are Best for Tradies

Here at SEOcycle, we use WordPress to create our bespoke websites. While there are several other website building platforms, WordPress is ideal for tradie sites due to its:

  • Unrivalled options for customisation
  • SEO-friendliness
  • Business scalability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Ease of use

Tradie Website Design at SEOcycle

Are you a tradie looking to succeed in 2024 and beyond?

SEOcycle is an experienced, expert web designer and web developer based in Sydney’s northwest. Since 2013, we have created many, many websites for sole traders, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses across industries throughout Australia and internationally. These include stylish, on-brand websites for tradies.

Our offering is unique – we deliver affordable, SEO-optimised websites that you own and which are crafted to suit your vision and goals. Whether you seek a single-page “brochure” type of website or a larger, multipage site with specific features, we can deliver. We also offer professional, high-quality, cost-effective website writing services if you need us to create the written content for your website.

And, of course, if you wish to conduct an SEO campaign to get the very best results online, we are the SEO provider that you seek!

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